Locking hubs 4x4

The free wheeling hubs are installed on some older 4x4 vehicles. They are designed to be locked when it is necessary to activate the drive and the front wheels. When The hubs are unlocked, the front wheels can rotate freely, thus reducing mechanical resistance.

One of the main advantages of the locking hubs is the reduced fuel consumption. When They are locked, an additional load is added to the engine and hence the higher cost. Unlocking the hubs disconects the wheels from the axle, eliminating the extra load in the 4x4 drive. Other advantages also include quieter operation, less vibration and lower wear and tear of drive components. Also, free wheeling hubs are considered healthier and less susceptible to problems due to improper use.

As a disadvantage, it may be noted that the driver must leave the vehicle to turn the hubs on or off.


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